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Dessihome Social Media Branding

//Dessihome Social Media Branding

Project Details

Dessihome is an interior salon, focused on bathroom solutions and interior design mostly.

Dessihome Social Media branding

Designing a new look for social media.

Old social media Dessihome did not stand out anything. It was also run chaotically, without a plan and composition. The goal was to create an identification for social media, which will give them an elegant and attractive look that stands out from the competition. Templates dedicated to specific media and content have been created.

  • Date : 26.02.2019
  • Client : Dessihome
  • Skills : Photoshop
  • Location : Poland
Client Review.

" Our new graphics designed by Marek look very professional and above all our social media have gained the appearance of a real, elegant interior design."


Designing and creating a Instagram puzzle grid that stands out due to its high aesthetics.


Designing and creating a series of templates for facebook posts, taking into account different sizes and also facebook my story. As with Instagram based on geometric shapes.

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