Currently, graphic creations are the most effective element of advertising. It is they that attract the attention of your recipients. People just prefer to watch pictures than to read, because it’s easier – it requires less attention and focus. 65% of the society is visual, do not forget about when you will design banner ads. In any case, the discussion on the psychology of advertising is a topic for a separate article, and this is not what is to be discussed here.

People remember 80% of what they see, and only 20% of what they read. However, for a large number of people, the text will be a key element of the advertisement, because it is mainly the text that is responsible for the message and is the main source of information. It is important to follow a specific message behind the right visual stimulus. And between us – aesthetics are simply cool.

Best Sites with free stock photos

Probably not once wondered where to get good quality materials. There is nothing to cheat, top stock services can be damn expensive but … fortunately, there are also free alternatives.

Pexels – You can find there the most great quality photos that are not different from the photos on the Shutterstock.

Unsplash – I really like the site for Pexels, a lot of good materials, which unfortunately are replicating on both sides.

Pixabay – Here you will find photos, illustrations and vector graphics.

Freepik is the best bank vector graphic – templates of posts, leaflets, business cards, icons, etc. It has a lot of filtering capabilities and files in PSD format.

Picjumbo – A lot of free photos in good quality. It has a search engine, category and a nice option to sort similar photos. For lazy people, there is an option to download all 2,500 pictures at one time for around $15.

Gratisography – Another page with a database of free photos to use. Unfortunately, it has only 9 categories and about 630 photos.

IM – Website with free photos from graduations to popular categories – people, food, sport, fashion, etc.

SKUAWK – Also high-quality photos. Unfortunately, it has defined categories, without a search engine, and browsing may take a while.

Pikwizard – 300 pages of good quality, free photos that you can easily use. There is a search engine!

The cherry on the cake – a simple but still little-known way, by Google search engine.
The subject has always aroused a lot of controversies because it is assumed that the images available in Google Graphics are for any use. Nothing could be more wrong. In the advanced options, you can filter all searches so that only those graphics that can be used without copyright are displayed. In addition, Google gives us the ability to filter by colour, size or type of graphics.

As you can see, you can use google graphics so that it is good and legal. Being serious marketers, we do not have time to shuffle, right?

Are there any other interesting sites with free images? Let me know in the comment!

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