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10 steps to build a content strategy

10 steps to build a content strategy Certainly, you use content marketing in your marketing strategy, or at least you associate this term. But do you associate the term Content Strategy? If so, I congratulate you. If not, you have omitted a very important element in planning your content marketing strategy. To better illustrate this,..

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Top 10 best free stock photo sites

TOP 10 BEST FREE STOCK PHOTO SITES Currently, graphic creations are the most effective element of advertising. It is they that attract the attention of your recipients. People just prefer to watch pictures than to read, because it’s easier – it requires less attention and focus. 65% of the society is visual, do not forget..

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I am passionate about Internet Marketing, I combine the world of Marketing with the world of agile. I provide results, not worthless reports. I believe in fruitful cooperation based on mutual education and transparency of activities.

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